Maintaining a pathway to my own ancestral traditions opened my eyes to the practical and natural wellness solutions that can only be Inspired by Nature..



As a Native Oakland based company Bijou Organics maintains a pathway to our practical and natural past by formulating healing yet luxurious natural body care. Customers trust our integrity, superior artisan quality, and prefer our minimally processed small batches to care for their largest organ (skin). Our signature products are artisan crafted in small batches, always free of harsh chemicals, preservatives, and carcinogens to keep all bodies and minds in a consistent state of wellbeing using nature’s gifts.


The value doesn’t stop with our luxurious products. Bijou Organics advocates for wellness in all forms, and in an effort to remain mindful, we are committed to making the least impact possible on the planet's resources. Through the experiences of our customers and ancestors we educate and inspire others surrounding natural body care through Workshops and valuable wellness resources. We strongly value bringing awareness to what is put into and onto our bodies, reducing problem skin, and the overall toxic load in everyone. We choose to source fair trade and sustainable raw ingredients from as many indigenous communities as possible like womens shea butter collectives in West Africa. In our best efforts to ensure the environment that provides for and inspires us is preserved for future generations, we contribute a portion of our profits to (www.americanforests.org) so they may continue planting tree groves across the nation restoring habitats and offsetting emissions and environmental pollution. Locally we contribute to bettering our home city, by participating in the beautification of East Oakland through cleanups and tree planting, as well as pledging support to organizations like (www.BeyondEmancipation.org) as they uplift and support foster youth transitioning into adulthood. We encourage you to stand in your purpose and give back where you can..