Yoni Steam Herbal Blends
March 15, 2019

Outdoor Travel Pack



Compact, natural, and practical travel pack for the nature loving bohemian traveler looking for on the go options to mainstream body care.

Products are biodegradable, self preserving, non gmo, and prepared using ancestral medicine traditions designed to infuse our land based healing practices into your life.
If you or someone you know enjoys hiking, gardening, backpacking, outdoor sports, or working in nature this pack will satisfy most basic body care needs, it also makes an excellent stocking stuffer!

What you get:

.2 oz bottle liquid Black Soap for a head to toe clarifying wash with a great natural lather!

.5 oz Hemp and Lavender Salve for deep penetrating moisture to soothe the skin of irritations. It’s a simple soothing moisturizer with a variety of uses including lip balm, rash & cut ointment, burn relief, and general moisturizer for that dry winter skin.

.5 oz Black Drawing Salve a traditional healing first aid item used on superficial bites, cuts, and scrapes to draw out rocks, glass, splinters, boils, and stingers greatly reducing infection and pain.