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Aromatherapy Perfumes

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Each 10ml bottle consists of a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils used to treat common ailments and an organic carrier oil.



Each 10 ml bottle consists of a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils used to relax, heal, invigorate, and support relief from common ailments.

Some of the offerings are listed below:

Study Blend

Allergy (Antihistamine) Blend
(Roll into palms of hands, cup and inhale)

Smoking Cessation Blend

Clarity Blend

Incentive Blend

Focus Blend
(Use this blend whenever you need a mental lift. Great for mid-afternoon slumps, studying, and housework. Simply roll on the back of the neck, the bones behind the ear, or in palms then cup and inhale).

Headache Blend

Muscle Ache Blend
(Use topically on aching areas by massaging into the skin)

Congestion Blend
(Roll onto chest and/or back, tops of feet, or bridge of toes)

(Inhale from hands or apply topically at night to the bottoms of the feet, chest, back of neck, or wrists.)

Flu Blend
(Great for the onset of illness, right when you start to feel achy or have a sore throat. Apply to throat, behind ears, or bottom of feet.) Please Note: This product contains Oregano oil which is quite powerful so please use no more than 7-10 days then cease in order to protect the liver.

Please note: All blends have been gathered from historical accounts and personal experiences from multiple sources including healers, Aromatherapists, and botanical wild crafters. These blends have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essential Wellness products are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. These blends are not meant to replace professional medical treatment. 
Remember to always do a skin test to check for sensitivities prior to usage.

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La Vie en Rose, Bijou Originale, Relaxing Lavender, Invigorating Citrus, Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender Patchouli, Purify, Fire & Ice Pain Relief, La Femme (Hormone Balance ), Study Support, Smoking Cessation, Flu Support, Insomnia Relief, Congestion, Headache, Focus, Incentive, Clarity

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1 review for Aromatherapy Perfumes

  1. AJ

    You cannot go wrong with lavender, I got a compliment about how good it smelled. The oil took nicely to my skin! Apply it anytime you need it.

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